As the DFW area roof replacement experts, Korrect Roofing understands that not all roofers are the same. Some only install shingles – which means that they aren’t a professional roof replacement contractor. Shingle installers only focus on replacing roof shingles, and they’ll often take shortcuts with the structural aspects of roof replacement.

You never want to take shortcuts when it comes to your roof! Poorly installed roofing systems often result in premature failure as well as higher energy bills since they can allow heat and cold into the home. Getting the right DFW area roofing contractor is important. Korrect Roofing is an expert DFW area roof replacement contractor with crew leaders who have over 30 years of experience. We offer high quality roof replacement services in Dallas, Texas and the DFW area and can complete your replacement in a timely manner – often within 48 hours.

Professional roofers replacing a resdiential roof


Your roof consists of more than just the shingles, so a roof replacement must encompass your entire system. Before we start replacing your roof, every aspect of the roofing system must be inspected by a DFW area roof replacement expert like Korrect Roofing. Our roofing services include a no-obligation, free inspection. Our A+ reputation makes us one of the best providers of replacement and roof repair in the DFW area.

Our inspections include the roof decking, flue cap on the chimney and the felt paper, all of which usually do not need to be replaced. If they are still in good condition and will continue to perform their intended function, then there is no need to replace them.

Korrect Roofing also inspects your ventilation and we keep your best interests in mind. If your roof shows signs of severe blistering, then your ventilation system is not adequate enough for the local climate. We will check it and recommend that you upgrade your ventilation if needed, especially in the case of an insurance claim.


If we handle your insurance claim, Korrect will always replace rubber boots on an exhaust vent with lead jacks unless requested otherwise by the homeowner. Rubber boots crack easily in the Texas heat and over time can cause leaks and structural damage. Check out our ventilation page to learn about how proper ventilation can prolong the life of your roof.

Korrect Roofing offers quality roof replacement in the DFW area for homeowners.


We are a GAF Certified Contractor, meaning that we have access to the highest quality materials and are expert installers. We are one of only 6% of the roofing companies in Texas that are trained and backed by the largest roofing manufacturer in the world. 

Korrect Roofing offers a workmanship warranty that’s more than double the industry standard, are fully insured, and carry workers’ compensation on all our employees. We abide by all industry best practices, including following all local, regional and international building codes.


Call us at (817) 888-8827 or submit our online request form. We look forward to serving you!

Korrect Roofing offers FREE roof inspections and will explain all of your residential roof replacement options in the DFW area.

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